Sample Essay on Coca-Coca Company Mission and Vission

Coca-Coca Company Mission and Vission

Coca-Coca Company is one of the largest multinational corporations in the entire world. One of the reason for its success is the effective vision and mission statements it has put in place. Coca Cola’s mission is to pursue three core objectives: refresh the world, inspire optimism and moments of happiness in relations as well as generate profits while still making a difference in the market and industry of its operations (Polk, 2009). In its vision statement, Coca-Cola focuses on achieving the six P’s: people, portfolio, partners, planet, profit, and productivity (Polk, 2009). It plans to do this by developing a great and conducive working environment, enhancing the quality of its products, initiating and nurturing sufficient client networks, protecting the planet, maximizing on long-term profitability and adopting a cost effective and fast paced business enterprise.

In order to disseminate or transmit information regarding the mission and vision statements to employees and the public, the company has integrated its websites, logos, charts and other instruments that illustrate important company information. Additionally, the company ensures that orientation and induction programs for new employees entail a narration and clear explanation of the mission and vision of Coca-Company. The vision and mission statements are crucial in promoting the company’s activities around the globe. For example, the mission statement is a declaration of the main purpose of Coca-Cola as a company and can thus be used as a standard for evaluating actions and decisions taken by the organization in the pursuit of gaining competitive advantage.


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Furthermore, the vision statement provides the framework and guiding tool for business operations by offering apt descriptions of what the organization has set out to accomplish  with the aim of attaining sustainable and quality growth. These statements are pertinent in directing the day-to-day operations of employees of the Coca-Cola company and  can thus form the basis of their organizational culture and influence the means taken to accomplish the goals and targets during a fiscal year. This is a clear indication of the essence of vision and mission statements as they are valuable in projecting targets and outcomes of production and determining marketing processes.

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