Sample Essay on Communication Aspects

Communication Aspects

Technical Communication in Technology

Technical communication refers to the aspect of communication whereby language and numeracy are included in the application of tools and machines. This form of communication has notably been able to incorporate the use of complex and simple languages. It usually uses languages and mathematics in learning and comprehension of media as well as technology function. It is one of the aspects of communication that is applied in film. It has been used in short films that give informational bits on the use of new technology or offering tips on how the application of technological approaches to various aspects of life ensures good use of technical communication (Grice, 2013).

Short films that provide technical or specialized topics contribute to the good use of technical communication. They ensure this through application of technology in aspects like environmental regulations, medical practices and computer applications. It has been established that these shorts films are based on particular topics that give proper information for those who are interested in a particular area. They are created or commissioned by a company that is looking towards informing the masses about a particular field, product or service. For example, an organization that is dealing with computer applications can commission the creation of a short film to inform various companies on the way in which a given application can be of benefit to them and enhance their service delivery to clients. With this, technical communication on the use of technology has been very influential in promoting the knowledge of people on the approach towards technological related topics and technologically influenced products. Technical communication has been improved through the use of technological aspects like social media platforms, help files and websites. The short films that are made for the purpose of technical communication are usually incorporated on these technological platforms although the short films are also posted on traditional media outlets like TV, DVD and video tapes (Armfield, 2012).

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Technical communication is also applied in offering information on how people can carry out certain tasks. This can be effective despite the complexity of the task to a layman. Technology is used in the creation and distribution of this kind of information. The value of technical communication on the application is twofold. One of them is acquired from the fact that the information that is disseminated enables the people to access and use it in a manner that benefits them. The other value is obtained by the organizations that use technical communicators. The basic uses of technical communication include software instructions, training programs, medical instructions, well-designed websites, usability studies, technical illustrations among others. Those who usually design and disseminate technical communication include technical writers, indexers, editors, information architects, technical illustrators, visual designers, web designers and localization and globalization specialist (Armfield, 2012).

The use of technical information in film and movies has been critical in making sure that people from various backgrounds are able to use information effectively and efficiently on topics and areas that impact their lives. It should also be noted that technical information that is given through technological platforms has been found to greatly enhance the accessibility of information by different people from various parts of the globe. One of the avenues through which this has been enhanced is the inclusion of technical information through online sources that can be accessed by people from various parts of the world.

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