Sample Essay on Communication Strategy Using Technology

Communication Strategy Using Technology

The business atmosphere has recently taken a new twist and it is important that organizations become very competitive so as to survive in the global arena. However, this competition relies on the ability of the companies to effectively acquire resources, ensure the satisfaction of consumers and efficient production. Communication has become an undeniable factor that the organizations must look into towards the achievement of their goals and objectives. Technology has seen the introduction of new avenues of improving communication within their structures. One of the merits of the newly created communication technologies is the ease in transmission and reduced costs of obtaining them (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2011). Besides, communication strategies help in enhancing the impact and increasing the coverage of communication within a company.

This paper examines the benefits of implementing a technology-based communication strategy, and also presents its argument supported with an example of an organization that has pursued a similar avenue.

Importance of Adopting Technology-Based Communication Strategy

Foremost, it should be noted that technology can enhance the achievement of a communication strategy adopted by an organization. For example, it will go a long way in improving the various internal business communications. It will give managers the ease of contacting employees and other staff members. The transmission of information through modern devices will also enable the organizations to keep important information safely for the purposes of future reference. Technology will also help in enhancing the marketing ability of the organization whereby customers acquire information about the available products of the company.

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On the other hand, technology-based communication strategy will also ensure that the retrieval of feedback from consumers, which help the company in assessing how relevant its operations are. It will also ensure easy decision-making through elimination of organizational rigidities that might block the flow of information within and outside the company. Technology is also important in fostering a sense of belonging between employers and employees. The employees will feel like they are part of the organization after being included in major processes of decision making. In the same way, the organization has a better relationship with stakeholders due to the use of communication technologies (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2011).

The IKEA Company is among those companies that have implemented technology in their communication strategies. Such incorporation helps in streamlining of the organization’s operations between its branches across the world. All the major decisions that impact the operation procedures of the company originate from the head office that is based in Sweden. Managers in the various branches can take part in meeting through internet-based platforms, like video conferencing which is one of the various factors of technology in communication. It can also enable customers to order products from the company at their own convenience. Client feedbacks help the company in assessing the impact of its production in the market.

The communication strategy adopted by the IKEA Company has successfully eliminated the rigidities and enhancing the smooth flow of information within its structures. It has also seen the reduction in the company’s costs of operations (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2011). However, it would be important if certain aspects of the communication strategy are changed in order to effectively meet the technology demands.  IKEA Company should be more focused on the part of employees and customers with regards to communication strategies. This is because the technological applications of the company emphasize more on facilitation of communication between managers unlike other staff members.  However, employees are also of importance to the organization since their actions contribute to the success or failure of the organization just like the managers. The company has to come up with internal communication strategies that will help in consolidating the needs of all employees from the various branches. Thus, incorporating technology in communication strategies has become an important move towards equipping companies with a competitive advantage over others.

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