Sample Essay on Community Support Human Service Practitioner

Community Support Human Service Practitioner

Crisis interventions are methods that are used to assist individual to cope up with the stressful event. The community supports human services practitioner practice prevent crisis by evaluating participant interaction with others and the environment and hence plans responds accordingly. It describes aspects of the environment or participant interaction that are likely to cause the crisis.

The CSHSP is very important since it intervenes the crisis situation by managing physical and social environment so that to reduce conflict, and promote the safety of participants, workers and others. CSHSP as a crisis intervention explains appropriate techniques that are effective particularly in managing the crisis and ensuring a safe environment. It formulates interventions that are likely to prevent such crisis (In Yeager, K. 2015).

Situations that are beyond people’s ability is identified by the CSHSP so that to take to gain the required assistance in the crisis. It identifies local resources, and procedures for obtaining assistance particularly during an emergency.

According to In Yeager (2015), CSHSP component examines the incident and identifies the individual who are involved. It provides possible causes and strategies for prevention. The component goes ahead and reviews the crisis with authorized staff and participant so that to determine the need for ongoing support. Therefore, it ensures the need for ongoing support and strategies develop for avoiding such crises in the future.

In addition, CSHSP component is used to conceptualizes a plan to implement personal changes so that to lower the risk of similar incidents. It describes reporting requirements for a range of incidents and supervises reviews incident reports so that to ensure there are acceptable.

For example, as a clinician conducting traditional counseling, I will use the treatment planning components and focus on the progress of counseling. I will adhere to the treatment plan but I will modify it to specifically address the crisis issues.

Therefore, Crisis Interventions helps people to provide crucial supports particularly during difficult times. However, this support does not only affect the person with a disability but those who assist as well.


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