Sample Essay on Computer Crime Investigator

Computer Crime Investigator

An investigator is concerned with the recovery of computer files and data that may be damaged or hacked by criminals.


The history of cybercrime dates back to the year 1970. This prompted the establishment of investigators who would deal with such crimes (, 2015). It led to the inception of computer crime investigation department.

How it works

The process starts by acting on a complaint by a client. An investigator searches for the internet protocol (IP) address that attaches to all the data in the internet. The second step is to identify the action site, which leads to the establishment of the IP address belonging to the internet service provider (ISP). In cases where the internet provider does not cooperate, one needs to seek help from the courts (Easttom and Taylor, 2011). Information gathered from the ISP is credible data that is applicable in the identification process of the crook who defrauded the client his or her money in bad auction ordeal.


In conclusion, we find that cyber crime has been on the rise in the recent past. This has triggered the need to have a more intense and extensive training process for the investigators.

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