Sample Essay on Conflict in Fiction

Conflict in Fiction

Conflict makes up part of fictional work.  Conflict between different parties in the workplace is the basis of fiction. The conflict in fiction can be implicit and covert or overt and explicit. It is actually what makes any piece of fiction exceptional. Without conflict in fiction piece, it is quite difficult to engage the reader with characters and take sides.

It is a sure page turner being in a position to take sides in a story. The best kind of fiction is also characterized by the ability of readers to relate to the story therein. As a result, there is no excellent way to engage readers other than immersing them in colossal conflict. The reader can however choose the sides to take and be part of the story.

Melville’s Bartleby, the Scrivener is no doubt an interesting fiction piece. The conflict in fiction however is slow to boil. Bartleby seems to be doing well upon his arrival at the Narrators law firm. He is a hardworking and quite lawyer in contrast to other lawyers who are colorful and eccentric working under the Narrator.

Image 2The story initially appears to be one of tranquility and with no sign of conflict. Besides the humdrum of life, it is settled and nothing much is happening. Even so, when Bartley prefers not to analyze a paper in the Narrator, conflict arises. It is a development that is quite intriguing and the reader is left wondering why this happening is. Bartleby to this point has been a quiet and solid employee.

The story therefore draws the attention of the reader who is interested in knowing why this uncharacteristic and strange incidence is happening. Reading the story, the reasons by Bartleby’s refusal to analyze the paper are not clear but it is clear that his move is categorical. At last, he is fired by the Narrator when he prefers not’ to do anything.

The conflict between the lawyer and the Narrator grows as he refuses to vacate the premises. He stays put in the office and starts to scare clients. The law firm gives up and vacates office settling for new premises. Bartleby settles for a new conflict with tenants and he is eventually thrown out.

Pecola believes that changing her eyes; she will alter her life situation in The Bluest Eyes. This creates conflict between her family and her. Her interest for blue eyes becomes an obsession and she experiences a series of unfortunate events. Sadly, this conflict consumes her, she becomes a destitute and is ignored by the people of Lorraine town who also feel responsible for her plight and are guilty.

Pecola struggles to accept herself and undergoes internal conflict. It is a struggle that many young people face as they try to build their self-esteem. Internal conflict destroys Pecola as well as the conflict between her and the family. In a negative turn of events killing Pecola’s little regard, she is raped by her father.

Pecola ends up on the society’s fringes and becomes neurotic. The external and internal conflict in Bluest eyes makes the story captivating. Readers are drawn to the story as they find out how the conflicts develop.

There is also struggle in Kafka’s metamorphosis. Gregor with his father are in conflict and it usurps his masculine role. His father, when he transforms to a beetle retakes his role and confines Gregor to his room. The conflict rages as Gregor’s father tries to keep his son locked up. The story is quite interesting to read because of the different types of conflicts therein.

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