Sample Essay on Consumer protection

Consumer protection

Consumer protection refers to laws or standing practice through which businesses are carefully monitored for the purposes of ensuring they operate legally and that they are fair to consumers. These laws are used to decrease monopolies prevalence and ensure the major concern of companies is the consumers. These laws are also aimed at preventing businesses engaged in unfair practices or fraud from enjoying advantages over their competitors. Additionally, they also protect those in society that are most vulnerable.

Consumer protection is also a form of regulation put into place by governments with the aim of protecting consumer rights. For instance, the government might require that a business discloses detailed information regarding its products especially where there are concerns about public or safety health for instance in cases of food. Consumer protection is closely associated with the notion of consumer rights and consumer organization formation which assists consumers in making better choices once they get into the market place. In addition to this, they also handle consumer complaints.

Consumer protection is also promoted by self-regulating organizations like consumer protection organizations and Proofreading-Editingagencies, Better Business Bureaus and Federal Trade Commission etc. Consumer protection ensures that companies are upfront about the contents of their products in order to ensure they are safe for consumer use. This is especially true in regard to companies that manufacture foods.

Ideally, consumer protection demands that companies should disclose information in regard to their products for purposes of ensuring consumers are well educated and informed decisions about products they are consuming. Furthermore, these laws aid in prevention of monopoly formation as such, creates competition. Whenever there is competition, the price of services and products decreases and makes it easy for consumers to easily afford the same thus saving money.

Consumer protection covers a range of topics which include but aren’t limited to privacy rights, misrepresentation, unfair business practices and product liability as well as other interactions between consumers and businesses. It aids prevent scams and fraud from sales contracts, pricing, consolidation, personal loans and utility turnoffs etc.

Overall, these laws were created with the purpose of ensuring consumers get a fair shot and they are not short changed when it comes to the services and products they require or desire. Additionally, consumer protection ensures that consumers don’t end up charged unfairly by businesses or overpowered as is usually the case when they are not offered protection. In the UK for instance, there are directives set by the European Union which protect consumer interests and complaints are directed to Director-General of Fair Trade and is investigated by Office of Fair Trading which imposes an injunction or alternatively litigates the matter.

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