Sample Essay on Court Issues & Victims’ Rights Paper

Court Issues & Victims’ Rights Paper

The issue of judges from diverse backgrounds has become controversial in the judiciary system. Assessing the legal system, it is clear that it has earned respect across the globe. However, the recent stakeholders who joined the system failed to embrace diversity. In addition, the judicial system became full of white males whom majority worked in upper courts.

Conversely, the minority such as Asians did not occupy the top positions in the judicial system. Evidently the judiciary gave responsibility to individuals from high class. This implies that it does not embrace democratic values that allow judges to come from a variety of back grounds. In this regard, the judicial system looses huge talent that can be found in diverse citizens despite their origin. The concept of diversity is significant in the court system because it promotes effectiveness and improves services.

To handle the problem of diversity in the judicial system, administrators from courts have formulated various efforts to eradicate it (Dixon, 2009). They accomplished this by inventing a logical application procedure. Through this, they have simplified the process to ensure that different people access the judiciary positions in a fair manner. Besides facilitating equal chances to the qualified candidates to apply, it has attracted competent individuals. This is in spite of their race and gender to serve in the judicial system.

As a result, cases whereby people from different groups can not join the judiciary have been reduced. In addition, court administrators base on public administration to attract diverse candidates who have skills. They invest in resources to allow people to be aware of the judicial aspects. This is to increase the number of applicants from different backgrounds. Increase in salary and benefits to judges have also improved the judicial system. Besides the benefits, the concept of equality has also been put into consideration. This is clear when female judges also occupy top position in the judiciary.



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