Sample Essay on Crime and the Media

Crime and the Media

Corrections are more ‘newsworthy compared to good news’ due to two key aspects. The first impression that the news leaves when it access the public. This is the concern of individuals depending on the content of news from the media.  There is rise in concern when the media gives information about current affairs to the society.

In a way, this attracts the attention of individuals to glue to the news that is being conveyed. There are situation when wrong details are relayed to the society. However, a factor that matters most in such a circumstance is how the public respond to the corrections. In this regard, the public get satisfied with the news if the corrections does not improve, but worsen the situation. This case further applies to films that relate to commercial prisons (Surete 152).

Clearly, after criminals finish serving their terms in the prison, they are depicted as heroes after their release. On the contrary, the correctional officers are perceived as individuals of bad character or villains. Furthermore, another example of misreported details from the media incorporates the scenes of crime. In such a case, the media will put it that the prison police attempted to fight with inmates. As a result, this action caused harm to the gang. However, this point of view in reporting does not make the news to be appreciated by the public.

On the contrary, the media could have reported that the inmates injured police officers in a fight. To correct this trend, the personnel in charge of the correctional department should ensure that they release only the right details to the public. It is also vital for the public to note that real correctional officers deal with prison matters. Conversely, the media correctional officers are specialists who handle the media activities.


Work Cited

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