Sample Essay on Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System

Criminal activities have existed ever since the civilization of people began. Evidently, mistakes formulate a fraction of human situation. Events that range from robbery, theft and killings were depicted as criminal incidents during civilization. This condition took place even before the bible era.

Furthermore, institutions such as courts, police and correction departments were perceived as the three pillars. This is in connection to crime and the system of justice. These three pillars control the actions of human beings. Equally, they are also in charge of their character. The institutions determine what people can perform or fail to do in a given occasion. Based on the structure of the justice system, corrections police and courts coordinate in their operations (Burns, p. 200). This is evident when they carry out their duties in connection to the law.

Application of regulations enables the justice system to restore order in the society. In addition, this structure intimidates criminal actions. This is clear when the system punishes individuals who go against regulations. They achieve this by ruling and giving penalties to criminals by cooperating with correctional department. Furthermore, the justice system incorporates a chain of procedures that begins with search of the crime. The process ends when the correctional structure discharges individuals who have been convicted.

In addition, law enforcers instill the first principles in the structure. This incorporates various levels that range from the city, federal and the state. Their function is part of enforcement of the regulations. If a crime occurs, it is the responsibility of the police to search and detain people who commit mistakes. Conversely, the function of the courts is to rule fairly during trials. The correctional facilities receive criminals from courts where they accommodate and supervise them. At this point, criminals get the opportunity to change into better persons before they are released to the society.



Work cited

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