Sample Essay on Current and Emerging Technology

Current and Emerging Technology

The importance of technology and especially information technology and information systems is of utmost importance to any forward looking business undertaking. Technology has become the tool which offers ease of business and has improved business technologies. Companies like Simple Gateway have incorporated such technologies in their 12 offices to help in their business. Their problem is that each office has its unique system thus making it difficult to share information with each other. Also there is some of its information that is not captured digitally making it further difficult to access it by others in the same company.

For such a company dealing with travel and tourism, information is required virtually 24 hours/day. Though its offices are spread just within the USA, probably it has clients, associates, suppliers and partners in the business spread throughout the world as it deals with travel to island tropical destinations throughout the world. These are its key stakeholders and are all impacted negatively if information does not flow freely and in a streamlined manner from the organization, especially from its headquarters. Decisions are hampered if there is no credible and valid information and these may prove costly to the business and its stakeholders. The solution therefore lies in having a central data center from which remote access can be granted to its regional offices. Also to be inculcated is a recent development, the enterprise systems. This is a integrated software that will help manage common files like leave requests and employee information that are standard throughout the company.

For a firm with various offices dispersed in a wide geographic area, an information system that is centralized does well to serve such an organization. In the Request for Proposal (RFP), Simple Gateway Inc. have identified that they have a problem on two fronts in their current systems: managing information and digitizing information. The solution will be in purchasing and maintaining distributed systems. According to Brown et al (2012) distributed systems have their processing power distributed to multiple sites which are then tied together via telecommunication lines. That is, the different offices within the Simple Gateway will be able to maintain their current hardware and software although the computers will now be interlinked by telecommunication lines to support their business processes. It is further recommended thought that the office in California where the headquarters is located act as a central data center where all the other offices will have their information/data routed to. From California, the business can offer cloud computing to its other locations. Cloud computing is the provision of computing and storage space facilities as a service to a population of end-users (Suciu et al, 2013). Cloud computing also extends the concept of IT services by combining user data, software and on demand computation resources over a network. Here the California office will be installed with System Center Virtual Machine Manager which will support the window servers in the regional offices as enabling the company to deploy a private cloud (Cardoso, 2013).

This though has to be undertaken after there has been inquiry in the business need of every office location. To distribute working system improvement in information sytems will need a better perceptive and solutions to matters at each stage, varying from information technology concerns, through the business requirement issues, through their business and strategic issues, and the ability to bring all parties on board (McManus, 2014).


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