Sample Essay on Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Terrorism

According to NATO, cyber terrorism is an attack from hackers that targets details from computer networks. The objective of cyber attacks is to incite fear via destruction to threat a society. From a political perspective, this act has had implications when top leaders are targeted. In addition, FBI depicts cyber terrorism as an action that is arranged and connected to politics.

Its target ranges from the soft ware systems, violence related data and Information technology programs. Evidently, major attributes of cyber attacks are launched from any region worldwide. In addition, these attacks are normally fast and make it hard to identify evidence of the criminals involved. Furthermore, outcomes of such attacks to the victims are clear when they cause physical distress to their valued properties. In situations when an attack is not successful, invaders will often manage to scare the public.

As a result, this leads to adverse effect to businesses and entire economy. Majority of terrorists have made the habit of using the internet. However, when these criminals are caught, they often deny their actions. Besides affecting the public, terrorism acts also tend to threaten the government (Chen, Lee, and Stuart 13). Statistics depict that there is increase in cyber attacks cases. For instance in 2013, hackers disrupted the Nuclear power equipment in America.

In response to terrorism attacks, there are various legal steps that have been initiated to handle the matter. They incorporate procedural regulations and creating peace with the potential perpetrators. Furthermore, dealing with cyber terrorism has incorporated other measures that safeguarded the operation of internet.  In some situations, various servers are granted permits to protect them against violation. The key problem that is faced when handling cyber terrorism less government parties to help in curbing the act.

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