Sample Essay on Development of Africa

Development of Africa

Chapter 1

The book emphasizes the need for Africa Diaspora associations by identifying areas that need development and investing in those areas. Although most of the money remitted by Africans living abroad back home is usually sent to relatives and friends for personal use, there is potential of long term development by investing in social amenities such as health, schools and the transport system (Mercer, Page & Evans 13).

Remittances that are made by international immigrants to African countries now amount to over US $ 10.7 billion which is even higher than amounts remitted by donor organizations. Home associations such as those run by the Bali Nyong’ from Cameroon who meet in London and discuss development in their home countries can create a difference in their community through their remittances geared towards community  (Mercer, Page and Evans 17).

Part 2

Some home associations have been able to get donor funding and finance development projects that they felt were relevant to their home areas. The Shirika la Maendeleo ya Busokelo Development Association (SHIMABU) in Tanzania is one such organization that got funding from an international foundation. The funding was channeled towards educating the elderly in the society on how to they can improve their health and dealing with accusations of witchcraft. It was felt that the old in the society had been neglected by both the government and the members of the community ((Mercer, Page and Evans 27)

Chapter 2

This part analyzes of the book analyzes the case study geographical areas in Africa that the home associations have had such as Manyu and Bali in Camerron and Newala and Rungwe in Tanzania. The research started out on making the connections and disconnections between the home connections in these two African countries and their link to the Britain offices. Interviews and social surveys were used as a means of collecting data. Poor transport. Low prices for farm products and clashes about land and geographical borders are some of the problems faced by chosen areas in Tanzania and Cameroon (Mercer, Page and Evans 39).

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