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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the advancement of a brand, product, service or organization using different digital channels that include the social media, cellular phones and emails. Simply put, digital marketing is the use of different electronic devices or media to promote a brand, product or organization.

Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing because it entails the use of different methods and channels that enhances the realization of the goals of marketing campaigns as well as understanding what can work and what cannot work in real time. Electronic devices such as cell phones, personal computers, tablets, game consoles and Smartphone are used to engage the prospects.

It also uses platforms or contemporary technologies that include email, social networks, apps and websites. Using these technologies, platforms and devices, digital marketers are able to monitor different aspects of digital marketing that include what people are viewing, for how long, how often, sales conversions, content that works and that does not work among others.

Although people mostly associate the internet with this marketing, it include other channels and devices such as mobile instant messaging, wireless text messaging, podcasts, mobile apps, digital television, radio channels and electronic billboards among others. A popular component of digital marketing is social media marketing.

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The digital media is very important to digital marketers because it enables consumers to access promotional messages from any place and at any time. Unlike in the past years when people would get messages about a service or product from the provider or producer only, people are now getting information from different sources.

Digital media acts as a source of news, social and shopping interaction, as well as entertainment. Consumers now get information not just about what a company says about its products or brand, but also what other consumers, peers, relatives, friends and the media are also saying. Digital marketing helps an organization to manage relationships with customers through different channels.

A company should not just aim at knowing its customers. Instead, it should know them more than other people who might influence them. This way, the company can communicate relevant messages to them and with them, when, where and in a way that is appropriate. To achieve this, a company must consolidate the expectations and preferences of customers in all channels of digital marketing. This makes customers more receptive to the messages of a company or organization.

Despite being a contemporary and effective means of marketing, digital marketing is facing several challenges. These include digital channel proliferation which makes consumers to use different digital channels and devices that have varying protocols, interfaces and specifications. The cheap price of digital channels has also intensified competition.

Another challenge that is facing digital marketing is the exploding volumes of data. Contemporary consumers leave voluminous data behind in the digital channels which can be difficult for the marketers to handle.

Nevertheless, digital marketing has proven effective when marketers manage complex relationships with customers in different channels of digital marketing, initiate and respond to dynamic interactions with customers and also extract valuable information from these interactions to make wise marketing decisions.

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