Sample Discussion about Urban Farming

Discussion about Urban Farming

Basing on the week’s chapter, Unit 10 articulates that people are fast embracing urban farming, as farmland is being converted to urban uses. These farmlands include crop and pasture ranges. For instance, in America, over 3,000 acres of farmable land is lost to urban development each day. In respect to these, the article Urban Farming is growing a Green Future by Green Gotham obtained from is related to the content learnt in the unit as it articulates the benefits of urban farming and why it should be encouraged.

The article starts by pointing out that urban farming’s objective across the world is to make food as “local” as possible. The article opines that urban farming enables people to get the freshest products that can be bought by money and the money is worth the products bought. Secondly, the article states that urban farming plays an integral role in the addition of greenery to cities and towns. This helps reduce harmful runoff and also increase chances of shading.

However, as pointed out in the article, urban farming can be very expensive due to the high cost of the land attributed to the rising rents. The other weakness of urban farming according to the article is the toxicity of the soils which require rehabilitation and treatment before planting is done. It is also articulated that urban farming can be a problem because of lack of enough sunlight due to the presence of the skyscrapers in urban settings. The possibility of practicing of urban farming on top of skyscrapers should not be rule out given the rapid technological development as in the case of the rooftop garden on the Intercontinental New York Barclay Hotel.