Sample Essay on Diversity in Organizations

Diversity in Organizations

Diversity is a topic that reflects on aspects such as age, tribe and race in different groups of a society. For instance, for a company to be successful, it needs to embrace diversity by appreciating people from different nationalities. Based on (Fahad 2), diversity is a concept that has contributed to interdependence between individuals from various ethnic settings who unite to work for the same firm due to globalization. The significance of embracing diversity is clear when individuals value and to treat each other with respect.

Research reveals that the equality in economy between people of male and female gender is one way that eradicates poverty. However, in Saudi Arabia, it still holds a percentage of 0.9 when women are not granted opportunities to be part of corporate ladders. According to a bank manager from the Middle East, it is vital for organizations to embrace diverse nationalities to understand their cultures and improve on their relationships (Forbes insights 12).

Women empowerment has not been successful because their fate still determines whether they will join the corporate world or remain housewives. The level of unemployment in Saudi Arabia among the youth has increased to 25 percent. Due to this situation, majority of young people are forced to stay with their parents in their old ages. In addition, the Saudi Arabian firms do not employ women because the religion requires them to stay at home.

Study indicates that companies that operate on international basis employ women because they perceive them to be more qualified contrasted to their male counterparts. Furthermore, in Saudi Arabia, they don’t acknowledge homosexuals but they only allow heterosexuals to work in their firms. Diversity is beneficial because it increases effectiveness and creativity in production. Organizations should embrace diversity to support equality by incorporating both genders at work places.



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