Sample Essay on Drip Marketing

 Drip Marketing

Drip marketing refers to a communication or marketing strategy that entails sending pre-written messages in sets to prospects or customers over time. The messages are often sent as email marketing messages although the marketer can use other media as well. Drip marketing is different from other forms of database marketing in two main ways.

One, the messages are sent in a phases that follow a pre-determined course. Two, the sent messages are usually dripped in series that are applicable to specific status or behavior of the recipients. Drip marketing is typically automated to ensure that marketing materials flow constantly to the customers.

The aim of drip marketing is to generate sales via a long-term repeated exposure of the services and goods that are being marketed to the recipients. Flyers and paper mails are also used in drip marketing although the internet is now the main channel used for this marketing strategy.

In most cases, drip marketing depends on Law of 29. This law states that a product will not be bought by most prospects until they see its ad for a minimum of 29 times. Drip marketing can be divided into five main steps. These are as follows.

Step 1: Segmenting the target audience

This step entails segmenting the prospects on the basis of their distinct characteristics. Segmentation of the prospects makes it possible for a marketer to create customized messages and to have better control and visibility of the marketing expenditure. Segmentation can be based on demographic, geographic, ownership and buying characteristics of the prospects.

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Step 2: Developing a plan

This entails creation of a communication strategy.   The strategy documents segments that will receive messages, messages that will be sent and when the messages will be disseminated. A calendar can be used to ensure that every member of the marketing team supports the ongoing flow of information.

Step 3: Creation of relevant content

In this step, a marker creates content templates for all segments. The templates include articles, case studies, press releases and book reviews among others. While creating the content, marketers should always ensure relevance and readability. They should also use graphics in order to reinforce major points.

Sufficient details should also be provided to compel the readers to access the product or the landing page. Content can be disseminated via demos, eBooks or whitepapers and webinars. Social media can also be used to disseminate the marketing messages.

Step 4: Measurement and evaluation

At this step, marketers evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. They do this by establishing responsive mechanisms that help in determining whether the campaign achieved the set objectives.

Step 5: Adjusting the strategy if necessary

The activities of drip marketing generate insights regarding the prospects as well as their buying propensities. These insights are used in adjusting the strategy if it is necessary to achieve better results.

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