Sample Essay on Economic Benefits of River Nile to Egypt

Economic Benefits of River Nile to Egypt

Nile River has since ancient time been a great part of the Egypt community. It is one of the resources that have been able to sharp the lives of many Egyptians.  The Nile is the longest river in the world located in the northeastern of Africa. It was considered a wonder by Herodotus and many people in the world treasure it greatly because of its importance to the growth and development of civilization. On top of this, there are a number of economic benefits of river Nile to Egyptians and the country in general.

To Egyptians, the Nile River has been a great resource and a fountain of life. The river floods many surrounding areas and leaves water behind for the people to use in farming and many other activities. In a sense, the significance of the Nile River during the ancient times and today is sizably apparent. The benefits of Nile as so extensive, but it is influence on Egypt in terms of lifestyle and think , that make this river one of the greatest resources in the country and in the world in general. Here are a few economic benefits of river Nile to Egypt;

  • Provides fertile soils- Whenever the Nile river floods, it leaves behind nutrients that increase the fertility of the surrounding lands. Hence, farmers in Egypt are able to produce quality crops that offer the government taxes and more revenues that are used to develop the nation.
  • Made domestic practices easy– Water from River Nile make lives of many Egyptians easy as they can wash, Proofreading-Editingbath and cook without any complications. There is also a steady supply of food in the region, and so not the nation has been able to come up with great substitutes to other food products.
  • Transportation – Egypt has advanced infrastructures all over the country, but the presence of River Nile for many years has provided relief to those looking for other means of transport. The Nile is an economic means of transporting bulky merchandizes as well as travel of masses. Hence, the country has been free from snarl up incidents experienced in many other nations in Africa.
  • Great attraction for tourism– tourist from every sphere of life visit Egypt to experience wonders of life that the nation provides. Besides the pyramids, many people visit Egypt to have river cruises and familiarize with the nation.
  • Employment- Getting a job in Egypt is not a big issue as the Nile river offers jobs for security officers, tour guides and waiters in the beach resorts along the river.
  • Helps generate electricity – Egypt has built dams across then Nile river and have aided in generation of hydroelectric power which is quite useful for domestic and industrial purposes. For instance, the Aswan Dam has helped greatly in production of hydro-electricity.

River Nile has been useful and a great resource for Egypt. However, the government has been forced to come up with great ways on how to protect the river. Conflicts have erupted over the years and Egypt has been pushed to come up with policy makers to manage the river. Egypt has also worked together with many NGOs and civic groups to come up with great benefit-sharing schemes as some nations along the river have embarked on certain activities that have negative impacts on the river.

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