Sample Essay on Economic Implications of Gender Inequality

Economic Implications of Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is a core factor affecting global economy. Economic growth and gender equality at all times go together. Whenever gender discrimination is practiced regardless of the situation, field or individual involved, it suppresses growth of individuals, evolution of societies and development of nations. Gender inequality is a vice that has been around for many years and it is wise to find out better ways on how to wipe it out. Evidently, to improve economy in a nation or society in general it all starts by treating each other equally.

Gender inequality is an issue that affects both men and women, but it is profound in cases that involve women participation. Discrimination against women remains a disturbing issue to eradicate in the society as it hinders prosperity in the social-economic context. Empowerment of women through promotion of their rights and increase in the access to vital resources and education is a great strategy towards societal economic growth and development.

Whenever women are allowed to participate in the workforce, there are no economic resources wasted as production6 increases than when more women are in the working sector. This means that wage-gap disparity, lack of proper education and training should be looked into in a better manner. In a sense, more girls should be enrolled in primary schools and received the best professional training and get employed in large numbers. When women are able to access resources necessary to start and develop business, it becomes easier to contribute to the economy same as men.

Women many times are victims of discrimination when it comes to divorce, land laws and inheritance. Societies rob women and girl valuable resources and capital that they could use and start their business or any other venture that can bring income and revenue to local government and society in general. Participation of women in the day to day activities in the society make changing social relationships more smooth and rewarding and this most definitely brings about economic development.

Women are many times under-represented in positions that demand power and influence. Men have always gone for the top positions that offer an opportunity to make decisions. Women are underrepresented in areas that involve making of great policies and decisions that can easily aid improve economy. For instance, if women are allowed to participate in making of national and international trade policies are rules, it can be easy to help develop economy and their governance and social skills. Noteworthy, lack of control in decision-making is a cause and sign of lower cultural, social, political and economic prestige.

To wipe out gender disparity, it is wise to come up with matchless strategies that offer solutions to reducing the effects of this vice. It is also wise to come up with laws that prevent any kind of official employment discrimination. Institutions should also aid exterminate gender disparity by coming up with affirmative acts against gender discrimination. Any cultural norms, stereotypes and customs that spur gender inequality should also be kicked out of the society for economic development.

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