Sample Essay on Economic Importance of River Thames

Economic Importance of River Thames

River Thames is the longest river in England and the second longest in the UK after river Severn. It is known for flowing via London and along other towns and cities like Oxford, Reading, Henley-on-Thames and Windsor. The river is significant to the people of England and UK as it has served many roles in the deep-rooted history of the UK people. It is a maritime route, a boundary, a fresh water source, as source of stable food and leisure facility. Among the many benefits of River Thames, it is its economic importance that has always applied to many historians and scholars.

There is a long history on River Thames. For instance, under the Emperor Claudius in AD 43, the Romans occupied England and recognized the economic significance of River Thames. They immediately built battlements along the river to utilize all available resources along it also. Romans developed the Port of London one the process of establishing a settlement called Londinium on the River.

By the 16th century, it became the largest trading center and the best ship manufacturing area in the entire nation. In order to make trade the in-thing for the residents along the London Blocks, the Royal Commission created the Port of London Authority by the 19th century. However, the World War II was devastating and these blocks were lost from the effects of bombs. River Thames has played great roles in UK and many people who have harnessed it have benefited in many ways. Here are the notable benefits of the river;

  1. Transportation of goods– Since the ancient times, the river has been used as a means of transport. Many merchants have been able to trade through the river leaving behind tax revenues after their expeditions. More so, it made it easy for people to travel from one cite to another at ease and without any shortcomings.
  2. Trade- River Thames has a romantic aura when it comes to trade. Ships have been able to sail along the entire river for trade in Europe. It has thus been a great resource of traders who bring in revenues and imports from other nations.
  3. Tourism- The river also serves as an engine for tourism. Tourists from Europe and other parts of the world Image-2-300x157travel and cruise boats to sight see many attraction scene along the river and in other parts of London and the UK in general.
  4. Industrialization– During the industrial revolution era, the southern bank of River Thames had become the mainstay manufacturing center. Hence, it became a great source of revenue for the government and the cities along it.
  5. Entertainment- Nothings brings in a lot of money these days like the entertainment industry. Traditionally, the Festival of the River Thames used to take place in mid-September. Today, it is internation and is the largest festival and celebrated at the end of summer. Celebrations are held on the south banks of Thames close to the Royal Festival Hall.

River Thames is most widely acknowledged river in London and it is quite substantial to the people and other nations. It is a major river that provides 90% of London’s water. The river brings many benefits besides the aforementioned. Other significances of the river Thames are power, fishing, boating and much more. However, human activities have impacted the river negatively although the government has come with great initiatives to protect the water and the river’s sources within the city.

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