Sample Essay on Economic Importance of the Nile River

Economic Importance of the Nile River

There is a lot to know about River Nile. To start with, it is the longest and most powerful river in the world. It is also a major attraction whenever an individual visits Egypt or surrounding countries. The beauty of the river will undoubtedly attract you and it will not take seconds before you think of your digital camera. Besides taking pictures, there is also a lot to collate on the river. For instance, understanding the economic importance of the Nile River is a nice position to get started.

One cannot think of anything good about Egypt without bringing river Nile into the picture. Even Herodotus quoted this epigram “Egypt is the gift of the Nile” to express the succinctness and appropriateness of the Egyptian nation. Most of the ancient Egyptians understood the socio-economic and political importance of river Nile and majority settled along the river. The ancient Egyptians could not survive without Nile. In a sense, Egypt receives low amount of rainfall and the floods from river Nile offered a better way to grow crops from the water residues on their lands.

During these floods the waters also left behind nutritious elements that made it easy to grow crops.  The heavy banner-servicessummer rains in the Ethiopian highland had great influence on the settlement of Egyptians along the Nile River. Evidently, heavy torrents of water were sent into the Nile and through the long stretch into the river, thick mud was left behind and offered nice fields for planting seeds. Hence, Egyptians occupied all the land along the river and made good income from the sale of their farm produces. This action later led to conflicts and war with surrounding countries.

River Nile also provided Egyptians with reeds commonly known as papyrus and they used them to make boats and paper. At the end of the day they would make good money from their successful trade with other people from neighboring countries. Food insecurity has been a big issue in Africa. But for Egypt and surrounding areas, agriculture has always been the backbone of economy around the river.

Egyptians indulged into food production and made good money from the imports that they made. Fishing also offered enough food to interchange with other farm produces.  Therefore, malnutrition and deaths of children have been minimal in Egypt and areas across the river. Ancient Egyptians used spears and nets to catch different species of fish in the river. Transportation of farm produces and bulk fishes was not a big issue as water transport was the in-thing for many people living along the river. Through boats, travelling from one region to another became easy.

Besides being able to enjoy good incomes from their farm produces, Egyptians and many countries around River Nile can also enjoy fresh water than is scarce in many other parts of Africa. More revenues are coming in from the tourism industry as more and more people visit to boat cruise along the river and to sightsee what other nations cannot offer. Today, with advancement in technology, river Nile also provides hydro-electricity and floods are limited since the construction of the Aswan Dam. Indeed, Nile River has changes the lifestyle and thinking of many people along the Nile basin.

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