Sample Essay on Effects Globalization on Politics

Effects Globalization on Politics

It is needless to mention that globalization influences politics in a range of ways. In this context, political globalization refers to amassing power in a unitary international government. Today, governments are operating like families, which come together to form tribes and several tribes combine to form communities. In the same way, countries are joining to establish regional power blocs and these could transform in a single political community. In this paper, we will discuss the effects of globalization on politics.

Over the years, the world has seen the establishment of various international bodies, which address global issues. The United Nations is perhaps of the most renowned international organization. Although the UN’s initial mandate was to foster peace between nations, it also works towards realizing other goals. With this unity of nations from all over the world, it is possible to realize global peace as opposed to regional or continental harmony. The UN therefore is an example of a successful global diplomatic village with 185 member states. Through delegates, these countries agree on some rules and policies and eliminate cases of animosity. Globalization is very essential in safeguarding developing countries, which are prone to attacks and exploitation by developed nations of the world. Other issues, which political globalization could address include education, crime, poverty, and environment among others.

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Another impact of globalization on politics is amassing of power by developed countries. Experts argue that condensing of power could mean that developed countries exploit their developing counterparts. A good example is the UN General Assembly versus the Security Council. The former has more members even though it is less powerful compared to the latter, which has only five permanent members, including the U.S, U.K, China, France and Russia. Though the UN always adopts international laws, which member states have to adhere to, powerful countries like the U.S always influence the final decision to be made and implemented.

Additionally, political globalization is likely to breed conflicts in ideologies. Most countries of the world are trying different approach in governance like capitalism, democracy or communism. However, there is likely tension when powerful countries decide to spread their ideologies and impose on other nations around the world. In some cases, developing countries are forced to adopt some political ideologies of powerful states as a precondition to get some aid.

Another effect of globalization on politics is that it contributes to the increase in NGOs around the world. These organizations actively participate in public policies such as developmental efforts, and humanitarian aid among others. Over the years, these organizations continue playing a pivotal role in promoting welfare of the less fortunate in the society through multimillion-dollar funding of developmental projects among other ways.

Moreover, globalization has largely contributed to the spread of terrorism around the world. Some of the well-networked terror groups globally represent regions that were initially segregated over years. This has escalated because of the massive use of modern technology. Furthermore, democracy in western countries can be seen as source of political stability in the world as it promotes certain values like tolerance, liberty and freedom. It can be seen that that the U.S established this democracy in various regions like the Middle East to exploit oil mines.

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