Sample Essay on Effects of Gender Inequality in Society

Effects of Gender Inequality in Society

There is a lot going on in our communities on daily basis. Gender imbalance or inequity is an issue that has been debated for many decades. A society should always be peaceful, united and tied by good mores and traditions.  However, gender inequality- unequal treatment of individual in a society based on whether a man or a woman is an issue that has reduced our great societies to the most uncouth places to be associated with. There are many effects of gender disparity in the society that if properly look at can help get rid of this vice.

For many years, the socially constructed roles of men and women have being changing rapidly. Women in most cases have found themselves gaining more control in areas like family, education and work. Nevertheless, it is not the same case in all countries or societies. Many of our societies still have elements gender inequality. These societies have given rise to biased attitudes within many fields. Majority of our societies have come up with great acts or rules that have made it easy to emphasis on gender equality.

Cases of discrimination on basis of sex, marital status and pregnancy have been reported frequently. These cases order-buttonhave unbearable consequences that many people are not able to live with. Many women have been victims of gender inequality as men in societies have built a perception that women are weak and cannot fight for their rights. Men have gone to an extent of abusing their women, mothers and even own children. In many incidents, the victims have lost their life, left suffering in depression while others are contemplate divorce or separation.

Gender inequality is also evident in workplaces. Both men and women are victims in all areas of work. There is a disparity when it comes to labor market in a situation where men and women share full-time and part-time employment. Surprisingly, the proposition of men in full time jobs is higher about 89% with only 11% in part time position. This is in contrast to number of women about 58% in full-time employment and 42% working part time. This disparity comes with immense effects on income distribution and wealth sharing between the two genders. Part time jobs tend to come with lower payments and fewer job securities.

Erosion of working rights and benefits this means that many women suffer in silence when they counterpart male parts are enjoying. Discrimination in workforces can also mean low production as women are capable of doing the same amount of work like men. Nevertheless, if discriminated; many will give up their jobs and opt for other alternatives meaning lower production in a company.

In the education arena, women are deprived good education to the advantage of male partners. Many societies believe that women are destined to stay back at home and take care of their families. Many will not further their studies but end up being prizes for their male counterparts. Lack of good education means that these women will not be able to take care of their families and this may come with heavy consequences like increased mortality rate and poor health.

In the political field, women in the society have made it clear that men are the best leaders, but these should not be the case in the current age. Women should not just watch men ruin societies through poor governance when they have the capabilities. Together as a society, it can be easy and gratifying to build respective and equal society.

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