Sample Essay on Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Gender inequality is one of the most talked about issues in the globe. In fact, it is an issue that has been affects many people regardless of whether they are male or female. Inequality in the workplace is a vice that has attracted many debates and individuals from all works of life have raised their views on the issue positively or negatively. In essence, there are extensive effects of gender inequality in the workplace and understanding them all is a great way to kick this issue away from the society and the world in general.

Many times, in workplaces, people build castles on being able to give equal rights and prestige to both men and women, but this only applied in terms of advice or inspirations. Many people in the world do not follow what the advocate for practically. If an individual, institution or country considered fighting for the rights of those affected in the society, it is wise to give all at 100% regardless of the consequences. Up to now, women have been fighting for their equality rights. Many are educated, respected wives and mothers, but when it comes to daily duties and especially in their work places, inequality is the only missing ingredient.

In many offices or any other working place, the old ideology that women are weak and cannot be equal to men has images (5)been making the rules.  Gender inequality or discrimination in the working place may take place during the hiring process, whereby men are hired first or hired instead of women. It may also vary in the context of income disparity whereby men are paid more money than women. In some offices women are harassed and subjected to some brutality or the fail to get promotion regardless of their qualification in favor of men. Workplace politics also instigate gender discrimination. Women are responsible to maintain their families, save and still get an opportunity to lead even conglomerates regardless of their location. For many people who are still in the primitive and uncaring epoch, here are the effects of gender inequality in workplace;

  • Lost productivity- any moment that an individual is discriminated whether a man or woman desolation and lack of morale are the possible outcomes. The same happens when one is discriminated at workplace whether a man or woman. Loss of motivation and self-esteem will make it hard for the affect individual to give it all at the tasks at hand. Hence, the company will instantly start experiencing losses.
  • Promotion- Some individuals in an organization may feel that it is not right for a woman to lead men and most of the promotions awarded to women are discarded for them to stay at the same rank. This kills one morale to perform task effectively. This may affect the victim personally and professionally.
  • Daily family chores- Women who have young ones to look after now and then may experience push-back in case of an interview or job invitation. Although law bars asking about family errands outright, but these question always comes up during interviews. A qualified female candidate may be passed over if she comes out clean on family responsibilities.
  • Leads to destruction- Victims of gender inequality may experience a feeling of loss of self and resentment and they react inappropriately to get to the employer or destruction of property especially for those who are hot tempered.

To achieve gender equality, companies need to equal remuneration for both men and women, get rid of any barrier to full participation of the employees and families should also learn to care for both men and women; charity begins at home. Equality in workplace is fair and the most apt thing to do all day long.

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