Sample Essay on Effects of Gender Inequality on Development

Effects of Gender Inequality on Development

Every country in the world wants to rank top on the list of most developed nations in the world. Development is not that easy to achieve especially, if there is less production, a country’s economy is stagnant or there are hindering factors such as inequality and corruption. Development can be achieved through land use, science and technology, biology, business, professionalism, social science and culture. Of the many factors that hinder development, gender inequality is one of the core issues that have been highlighted. Gender disparity or discrimination poses immense impacts on development that every nation should be well-versed with.

To enjoy sustained and concerted undertakings of a community or country, it is wise to spur standard of living and economic health. Unfortunately, this cannot be possible if there is evident inequality between men and women. It blocks any dreams of development. For many countries, it is not easy to establish evidence of gender inequality on a country’s development and growth due to lack of available sex-disaggregated information.

To measure gender inequality as a factor that hinders development, it is wise to look at the differences for women images (4)and men in areas such as health, education, access to economic opportunities and decision making. Decades ago, women were deprived an opportunity to access the best education and healthcare. But with globalization and many changes in the world, progresses have been made in these areas. Many governments that have realized the benefits of education, good healthcare, information and technology communication in development have encouraged their people to make the necessary decisions.

There are numerous initiatives that many governments have taken to increase development and growth. Increasingly, many have opted to invest extensively in education. With education, governments have realized it will increase participation in the labor market and help boost economic development. For this to be possible, many investors in education have opted to ignore gender. This is a great move as gender inequality as always been an obstacle when it comes to development. From easy to access data, it is clear that there are distinct results for men and women when it comes to education. For instance, the number of women in universities is higher than that of men.

In addition, women in the workforce have higher degrees than they counterparts.  Noteworthy, this data does not mean that only women will participate in labor market, in fact, women present 44% of the workforce in a nation. Gender inequality is an issue that is deep-rooted in our society and it takes time to eradicate completely.  But societies can still change this. We need to get rid of gender stereotypes determine how people within a society perceive the roles of a man and woman.  Society does not have to determine the course that women or men have to undertake. There are no jobs for women or men and every individual need to be represented equally in job market.

Gender inequality will increase poverty as when a certain group in the society is discriminate, production will decrease and there will be less income in homes meaning that government will also acquire less revenue taxes. On the market field, it will impact demand and consumption, supply and production system and affect savings and investment. The immediate effects during instances where there is no development, insecurity, poor governance and lack of social cohesion will be evident. Therefore, governments need to come up with great ways of reducing the impact of gender inequality on development.

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