Sample Essay on Emotions surrounding a sorrowful event

Emotions surrounding a sorrowful event

This paper depicts an interview of which the respondent will be my friend since child hood days. We have been friends in good and bad times and this has made our comradeship to be strong.  My friend lost his mother during the road accident on her vacation journey to another country. In this interview, I posed questions with intention to know how he received the details and understand his reactions. I also wanted to know the step he took after the bad news and the manner in which he kept the memory.

The following are a section of the interview questions;

  • Who informed you of the incident?
  • How did you react?
  • What measures did you take after receiving the news?
  • How do you keep the memory?

In his response, I could tell that this was the most hurting experience in his life that still affects him up to this day. Emotionally, he was hurt and worried which was clear especially when he recalled her demise. After observing and listening keenly in the manner in which he responded to questions, my interviewee was strong but he could not hide his sad face. This implies that he was still emotional especially when he recalled the day he received the news about his mother’s death.

Clearly, this is an ordeal that still lingers in his mind because;  he narrated it as if it happened yesterday yet it was a long time ago. I also learned that he only had his mother as his parent, and this situation automatically made him an orphan. Although his mother had secured funds for him, her demise was still a setback in his life. From this interview, it is clear that the memory that an individual is left with after he loses a loved one can never fade away.



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