Sample Essay on Enterprise Application

Enterprise Application

Enterprise applications refer to applications used in business and majority of people use the term when referring to big business applications. The enterprise applications in the corporate environment today are scalable, component based, mission critical and complex.

They can be deployed on different platforms across different corporate intranets, the internet and networks. In addition to this, they are also user friendly, data centric and most of these measure up to stringent security requirements, maintenance and administration. In simple terms, enterprise networks are very complex systems.

These applications are designed to typically integrate and interface with other applications found within an organization. They can also be deployed across different types of networks in order to meet strict requirements for administration management and security. There are separate requirements that need to be satisfactorily met in order to develop and design enterprise applications.

images (4)What is more, all the development decisions made should be able to satisfy individual requirements that might affect other requirements in ways that cannot be predicted or understood. Any failure to meet the requirements set can lead to failure of the whole project.

Like other modern projects, enterprise applications should be:

  • Able to perform well, reliable
  • Capable of providing an intuitive, efficient user interface

Beyond these qualities though, there are 3 attributes that characterize enterprise applications and they include the following:

  • Large-This is a multi-developer, multi-user, multi-component, multi-machine application that can be easily used to manipulate data and also utilize parallel processing, complex logic and network distributed resources.
  • Business oriented-The purpose of such applications is meeting specific business requirements and also encodes processes, business policies, entities and rules that can be developed in an organization and deployed in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the business.
  • Mission critical-This is an application that is robust enough to sustain continued operation and it should be very flexible in order to guarantee deployment and scalability as well as allow sufficient monitoring, administration and maintenance.

It is all these qualities that make the process of developing enterprise applications challenging. What is more, the trend is now more inclined towards rising demands and the improvement of computer software and hardware. This combined with global opportunities and economic competition have helped in creating an environment through which business systems can respond in a quick manner and  deliver high level of performance that is unparalleled.

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