Sample Essay on Environmental Activism

Environmental Activism

Human beings depend heavily on the environment as its supports life in an array of ways. From being a source of water to supporting world economies, life and the environment are intertwined. However, because of various reasons, human activities weigh heavily on the quality of our environment. For instance, environmental pollution is a common scourge. Thus, there is need to protect our environment.

Environmental activism is also known as environmentalism is a movement that is both political and ethical whose main objective is to improve the quality of our natural environment by initiating changes towards activities that are harmful to the environment. This occurs by adopting social, political and economic organizations that are environmentally friendly through evaluating the relationship between human beings and nature. Environmental activism is of the idea that human beings ought to have their environment at heart to have a safer neighborhood. Environmental activists believe that there is need to have policies that are politically, socially and economically sound in order to protect the environment. Of great significance is the fact that people involved in these campaigns tend to establish a relationship between natural systems and human beings. According consideration to these systems is important to increase their sustainability.

It is worth noting that some of the measures and outcomes emanating from this balance is sometime contentious since there are different ways through which environmental activists express their concerns. Some industries equally engage in environmental activism even though there are factions that oppose environmentalism activities. Who runs environmentalism groups? Since the environment has direct impact to everyone’s life, caring of the environment ought to be a collective responsibility. However, there are organizations, which are active in spearheading campaigns and activities towards environmental conservation and protection. These organizations vary widely and could be worldwide, national or local. They could also be governmental or nongovernmental.

Research indicates that environmental activism occurs in almost every country around the world. In most cases, Proofreading-Editingthere are community development and social justice groups, which have environmental concerns. Because of the global weight of environmental conversation, 114 nations came together and formed the United Nations Environment Programme in 1972 during a United Nations Conference on the Human Environment that was held in Stockholm. Besides this, other international bodies fight for friendly environmental policies and human activities. They include the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Commission for Environmental Cooperation and European Environment Agency among others.

Whilst it is true that there is need to have concern for the environment, some groups and individuals criticize these efforts. These critiques can be classified as environmental skeptics and anti-environmentalists. The former refute the positions taken by environmental activists, arguing that the stances are either false or exaggerated. On the other hand, anti-environmentalists approve of many ideas with environmental activists and hold that change is unavoidable regardless of the speed and cause. They agree that human beings play a major role in harming the planet but deny the fact that this harm could kill the planet. According to this category, the planet has billions of years of history, which most environmentalists do not appreciate.

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