Sample Essay on Ethical Standards in Research

Ethical Standards in Research

Ethics is an important resource in research and is used in the definition of norms and moral responsibilities that a researcher should adhere to when performing both quantitative and qualitative research. These ethics determine the quality and credibility of the entire study and will offer guidance to the writer by developing his or her skills in producing the desirable results. There are various ethical standards that should be considered by a researcher in the process of conducting the study. First, the researcher should have respect for intellectual property like copyrighted materials (Orb, Eisenhauer, and Wynaden, 2000). This can be achieved by making sure that reports of research contain all previewed articles, publications, magazines, newspapers, blogs, books, journals, theses and referencing in the required way. For example, if a researcher obtains data from a government website or other credible and pertinent resources, it is important that the information is formatted since the contravention of this practice would impact plagiarism that would render the study as incredible.

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Besides, the researcher should also have social responsibility during and after conducting the study. This could involve virtues like ethics, integrity, openness, confidentiality and respect for those taking part in the study. For instance, the researcher should not release the private information of the participant to the public since this would interfere with the integrity of the participant and present disrespect (Onwuegbuzie, Dickinson, Leech and Zoran, 2009). In surveys and interviews, the participants could be asked to respond to questions that are confidential and the researcher is expected to keep them discreet. Finally, the person doing the study should be transparent and autonomous while doing the study and after the entire process. This would hinder the inclination of the researcher towards certain opinions or ideologies that would end up undermining the quality of the study. For instance, if a researcher is carrying out a study on the views of women on abortions before or during marriage, the researcher should avoid expressing his own opinions and remain neutral in order to prevent biasness in the process.

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