Sample Essay on Evaluation of the Psychometric Test Results

Evaluation of the Psychometric Test Results

An assessment of Jung Typology test considers the imaginative features perceived in the tabular outcomes shown. The findings show that I have a huge inclination to introversion than extroversion, at 22 percent. This facet apparently expresses my doubts when it comes to certain issues.  In general, introversion includes an individual’s suspicion as well as not having a laidback character, as compared to the character of an extrovert. My illustration of a higher liking towards introversion than extroversion shows that I am not easy going, and am secretive. In another aspect, this facet demonstrates my ability to keep secrets as well as have personal doubts, instead of being too straightforward. On the second behavioral characteristics, which show a higher consciousness over inkling in my character, my personality is displayed as being more real as well as vigilant instead of depending on individual senses over certain vital matters.

Great sensation abilities make it easy for an individual to get every inducement in his surrounding, instead of depending on natural viewpoints created by instincts. The third behavioral feature that I have includes moderate reasoning over sentiments. This facet shows my considerate nature on decision-making, instead of concentrating on my undertakings to simple attitudes and self-made viewpoints. At last, the Jung typology psychometric test result shows that I have adequate liking of ruling on over opinions. This character is vital for finding out effective basis of thinking; it actually causes development of sound solutions to issues than simply depending on individual viewpoints concerning the same issue. This is the essential analysis measure to the Jung typology over the psychometric tests undertaken.

In contemplating on the verbal thinking response report, it is clear that the account offers an estimated score to the anticipated thinking standards. The account shows a smooth rate performance to my verbal marks. For example, the verbal real score card offers an average performance, which is akin to verbal total score, false score and verbal fail to give or take a score. Founded on the result accomplished above, apparently, my verbal ability in sharing a certain thought falls at an average score. On top of this, this account shows skill far from total compromise because of my constancy at an average cut mark. Excluding this weighty attribute, my articulateness in spoken communication fail to be totally promised as I have a consistent average mark. Verbal report is largely intensive in withdrawing an individual’s to successfully communicate as well as chair a certain occasion. Average mark fails to promise an individual to fruitfully make critical as well as controlling interaction before associates, although it aids in disseminating the important message to the gathering.

In case of a company, it is necessary that ability to make speech ought to be enhanced as well as driven afar any reproach, therefore, an average mark fails to absolutely satisfy this requirement. Save for the verbal reasoning score, the numerical thinking response offers another collection of flaws as the result is not remarkable. From the findings on this platform, no rationality and significance can be identified as the scores lie below the average score. Primarily, the average mark of 45 percent to 50 percent would be perfect for a worker to show his capability when investigated; nevertheless, my mark lies below this performance edge.

The SHL capability fields show some areas where I have the anticipated aptness, while others show chief flaws. Governing and decision making, inventiveness and conceptualization, and adapting and managing depict my core flaws areas. Having these features, I am not likely to succeed as leader because of my social flaws. In contrast, I conveyed my exceptional self-esteem and prospect of vast output. Areas where I have great fortes incorporate interpretation, analysis as well as interaction to name but a few. In general, the SHL proficiency areas show more fields of brilliance than imperfections.

Team working is one handy ability that has exceptionally grown my character. I attribute my proficiency in this skill to my performance accomplished in my past academic as well as profession life. The initial platform where I apparently conveyed this ability links to my time at the university. In the course of my student life, I worked as a team leader in a number of groups and here I forged my accomplishments. The mutual attempts that I made presented considerable results for the groups that I led. Several chores that I led culminated in success, more in dealing with core tasks. For example, our group was able to get the best scores because of the excellent grounds that I had advocated. This devotion in group work afterwards turned into great accomplishment, more so after working as a part time stockroom assistance at office holdings. The group work approach that I had assumed led to success as well as great outcomes, which as a result exploited the result of the whole work procedure.

Besides group work abilities, I conveyed superficial performance when it came to negotiations. My arbitration abilities did come with good results as I handled majority of unbiased frameworks that failed to create brilliance in performance. In articulating this excellent skill and talent, I was able to grow complex arbitration principles that were clearly based on a win-win strategy. The outcome of this attempt was the precedence triumph and the entertaining performance that followed. Having excellent arbitration abilities, I was able to take care of fights that would easily ruin the basic feat of our team.  The mediation as well as group work abilities are two exceptional abilities that have jointly forged my triumph as a learners and as a young expert. Regardless of the areas aforementioned, I similarly showed flaws on my transferable abilities. Of these practical areas incorporate verbal communication. In this area, I depicted a medium mark, which does not actually show the absolute ability that a workers ought to depict. Interaction skills are essential for a worker who hopes to make great development in his or her career, and it demands a better score. A medium score is not enough, particularly if excellence is a necessity. This ability at certain level leads to letdowns, if an individual had been assigned a certain speech to convey.

To sum up, I have to succeed in information technology area, as I have shown a medium score. In spite of being capable of satisfying some applications in IT, I still need to show brilliance in the area.  I need a great performance scope in this practical field.

The thoughtful characteristics aforementioned can be summed up via a SWOT analysis, which is simply made up of my strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats that are easy to notice in a job setting. In line with the assessment platforms provided, I possess unique abilities in good information management capabilities as well as arbitration abilities amongst other competences, whereas I depict flaws when it comes to time management, oral presentation abilities and lack of imagination to name but a few. These strong areas improved while prospects are disregarded. In contrast, there are many great openings close to me but they can be accomplished via extensive learning as well as taking part in voluntary errands.  In spite of these openings, there are dangers in my work setting, incorporating work condition and also possible dreads of job droughts. These entire dangers and flaws need to be eradicated, just as openings and strengths are taken advantage of.

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