Sample Essay on Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology

In this coursework, behavioral differences among genders, personality differences and addictive behavior are explained. The work gives an overview of differentiating psychological qualities through the identification of the psychological characteristics in humans that can be considered as the evolved adaptations.

There are several variations in different genders. One of these variations is a response to the issues that call for higher thinking level. Women and men show varying patterns in their judgments and actions and this indicates variation in the influences. This can be attributed to brain development’s hormones because masculine gender is naturally vigorously energetic. The feminine gender on the other hand is nurturing (Kimura 118).

A systematic study whose focus was sex differences and how they influence problems’ solving depicted men as being Proofreading-Editingadvantaged when it comes to manipulation and visualizing three dimensional objects, navigation and mathematical interpretations. Men also showed more accuracy in regards to seizing and directing objects when impelled forward. Women on the other had were better in recalling words that needed identification with a certain pattern or words that had a constraint to fulfill. Women also outdid men in singling out items in groups of similar objects (Kimura 120).

Research has also shown that the level of substance addiction is also different in females and males. For instance, addiction to online gambling and the internet is prevalent among males that in females (Ko et al. 275). According to Ko’s et al. 275 (as referenced in Moon et al. 1999), the number of males who use drugs for the purpose of social bonding as well as to enhance self-esteem is higher than that of females.

Going by the findings of different studies, it can clearly be deduced that there are several behavioral variations between genders which are evidently clear in the society. Nevertheless, my opinion is that transgender personalities should be investigated. This is because there are people who show the characteristics of both sexes.

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