Sample Essay on Examples of Gender Inequality in America

Examples of Gender Inequality in America

One of the many issues that have been creating a lot fuss and has been debated in many forums is gender inequality. It is an issue that many people differ in its definitions depending on one’s views. Primarily, gender inequality is all about the differences in the position, authority and prestige women and men have in societies or groups. In essence, it is a vice that affects all members of the society, not only girls and women as may perceive. It is a wide spread vice and America is one of the affected places in the world.

Like many other nations in the world, America has also been affected by inequality. Actually, there is a rich history when it comes to inequality in America. Gender disparity has been taking a different and positive trend throughout history and significant developments have been made towards equality since the start of the 19th century.  Despite many efforts to battle inequality in America, this disheartening issue as continue to persist in many ways. There are a number of examples of gender inequality in America that can be used to help fight the vice.

  1. Political participation- In many countries in the world, women are not allowed to engage into politics and if they do, they can only hold the minor positions and the number has been decreasing with time. Some of the factors cited by political scientist as two why there is inequality in politics is because women responsibilities back home keep them away from politics, women are also members of the demographic groups that do not participate in political activities and  women are socialized to shun careers in politics.
  2. Work life and money matters- The number of women in America taking part in workforce is falling behind images (3)other developed countries.  The United States was ranked last out of 20 industrialized countries in measures that included family leave, part-time employment and alternative work arrangement. Inequality is also experienced in workforce in terms of sex discrimination in employment, pay disparity and business seclusion by gender.
  3. Education- There is uniformity in primary and secondary school enrollment in America, and women are overrepresented in higher education. Unfortunately, there is gender seclusion in choice of degrees to pursue and this is correlated with lower income for the female gender. Men have also substantially taken advantage over women when it comes to highly selective universities.
  4. Social life- Research conducted by different universities in the US showed that men are no longer the sole source of income in a family.  Another research showed that men generally carry out infrequent tasks like mowing the lawn or taking out the trash. It was also revealed that men are these days will to perform household chores whereas women have stuck to essential and traditionally feminine chores.

As many American turn to the new age of ushered equality, it is a challenge on how they are willing to let the inequality persist based on the examples aforementioned. Indeed, gender inequality is an issue that needs to be put into consideration and easily improve living standards and personal wellbeing. Even President Barrack Obama has for a long duration supported ways of eradicating the vice in the community.

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