Sample Essay on Examples of Gender Inequality in History

Examples of Gender Inequality in History

Over the years, there have been quite a number of cases of gender inequality doing rounds in media circles. It should be noted that when talking about gender inequality cases, reference is made to those cases whereby women are treated harshly or as lesser humans compared to their male counterparts. Continue reading to find out about some of the examples of cases of gender inequality in the history of the world.

One of the examples of gender inequality is in Afghanistan whereby girls have over the years been prevented from gaining access to education. In most occasions, girls in Afghanistan are taken out of school when they reach puberty. Besides, the nation also faces a high shortage of female teachers, a great disadvantage to the girl child considering that they cannot be taught by male teachers after attaining a particular age. Even though little progress has been made towards bridging the number of boys’ and girls’ enrolment in school after the fall of the Taliban, women are still struggling to see to it that their rights to education are fulfilled.

Another example is in Saudi Arabia whereby women are not allowed to drive or even ride bikes. On the other hand,
men are also not allowed to drive men whom they are not closely related to. This has sparked lots of reactions from images (2)many people who are arguing that if even men are not allowed to drive school buses for girls, how will the population of girls in the country go to school? In the past, Saudi Arabia has been in the spotlight for gross violation of the rights of women. For instance there was a case in 2012 whereby 15 girls died in a fire outbreak inside their school after being forbidden from leaving the building by policemen on grounds that their heads were not properly covered by the veils that they were wearing.

In most countries around the world, husbands are accorded the freedom of divorcing their wives whenever they please. However, there are always very extreme limitations that are placed on women when it comes to divorce. For instance, women are not allowed to file for divorce in Lebanon in claim for being battered by their husbands without an eyewitness. Even a medical certificate from a doctor would not be convincing enough to a judge to grant divorce to such a woman. In Egypt, women who apply for divorce are required to first renounce all rights to the finances of the couple and repay their dowries. In Lebanon, it is only a man who can grant divorce to his wife and not vice versa.

Another example of gender inequality is the case of Bahrain and Egypt whereby husbands are allowed to file official complaints at the airports forbidding their wives from travelling out of the country. In other countries like Morocco, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Oman and Jordan, women who are married are to acquire written permissions from their husbands each time that they want to leave the countries.

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