Sample Essay on Examples of Gender Inequality in Media

Examples of Gender Inequality in Media

Gender inequality is an issue faced in many countries. Media is one of the areas affected by gender inequality.  Media is the mainstay source of information for the people worldwide. The media acts as the message and the messenger and it is indeed a powerful tool that can never be ignored. Unfortunately, inequality in the field has been creating a lot of buzz ever since. Despite media being tool that brings people together, it is one of the areas that have push gender discrimination to another level.

Gender inequality is an issue that has great impact on both sexes, but women are most affected. In essence, media being a great tool to push justice and eradicate discrimination in the society, it has been accused of instigating inequality in the field. The advent of technology has indeed brought about a lot changes in the world. Social media has become the in-thing for every institution and a reliable way of communication. There are notable examples of gender inequality in media that you can look at and learn more on the issue.

One area that many researchers have paid attention on is children’s and women media. Many organizations have imagesalso come out clear to demonstrate how inequality in the media affects society.  For instance, it is has come out clear over time that media lacks female characters and fewer number of industrious female role models. It is evident that gender inequality is directed toward children and women and the consequences of social inequity that media perpetuates are clear.

Most of the family films are classified as almost 3:1 ratio of male characters to female characters, hence, female audience have fewer female characters to associate with. In many occasions, media has portrayed female characters as immoral in the sense that they portray a lot of skin that their male partners. These characters as depicted by media can cause body image problems in young girls especially those who are into Television and social media. Gender inequality in media has also taken place behind the scenes during filming and recording processes. Since men are dominating the film industry, a lot of cases of gender discrimination have been reported.

A lot happens behind the scenes and women are always victims of nudity and many other gender related aspects of acting. There is also wage gap disparity when it comes to media. Men and women working in the media receive varying income or any other benefits. Income inequality in media and other fields has been widening on daily basis. Gender-hours gap, level of education and family commitment are the commonly enlisted causes of gender wage disparity in the society.

Many times, women are seen as the weaker gender, but this lowers productivity as each individual in an organization has a role to play and improve the economy. Lastly, social media is known to have played or plays great roles in racial tension in many parts of the globe. Many people have been using the social media platform as a way to exercise racial discrimination regardless of the gender involved.  Unbiased research can also help get rid of the fantasy of media that interferes with reality.

It is easy to eradicate gender inequality and minimize the many consequences that it presents. Media organization should be in the first row to help eradicate this vice. It can start from the media offices to the young people using social media in the most remote areas. Government should also help control the content made available to the audience so as not to build weak generation that does not treasure gender equality and respect each other.

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