Sample Essay on Examples of Gender Inequality in the U.K

  Examples of Gender Inequality in the U.K

Gender inequality is a common problem in most countries of the world, developed and third world. Among these countries is the United Kingdom, which grapples with an array of issues relating to gender disparities in various sectors. Common areas of discrimination include education, health, politics, leadership, employment and criminality among others. This essay discusses examples of gender inequity in the UK.

In understanding gender inequality in UK, it is important to note that the role of women and how the society perceives them have continuously changed throughout history. For instance, women were considered inactive in 1950s as compared to their active role in the modern world. In the UK, the work of women is undervalued, leading to their underpayment. Should this be happening even in the 21st century? Initiatives to empower women have thrived recently but these gender-based imbalances still exist in the UK.

A common disparity is evident in salaries where women earn thousands of dollars less than men. For example, Image-2-300x157research estimates that women in UK earn up to £5,000 less compared to what men earn. The ultimate effect of this trend is economic failure. In a research conducted by the Trade Union Congress, it emerged that women are underpaid in 32 out of 35 leading occupations in the country.  From these findings, it was discovered that the health sector is tops the lists of sections of the economy that promoted gender discrimination in payment. According to the findings, men in the health sector earn about £50, as compared to female workers earning £24, which is almost half their earnings. While this can seem negligible, it accumulates throughout the career of a woman.

Many UK activists believe that underpay of women workers is ridiculous when girls continue to outshine boys in schools and universities. This has a long-term economic failure as the country does not tap and appreciate the skills and talent of female employees. Besides the health sector, women equally experience pay imbalance when working in the media industry. This adds up to 27.5%, which translates into about £10,000 annually. On the other hand, the inequality in the manufacturing industry is about 24%. The irony in leading occupations is that women earn more than men, as electricians, transport drivers and agricultural workers. While this is the case, theses occupations are largely dominated by men. Out of all the employees in the three sectors, only 50,000 are women while more than 1.5 million are men. The situation is not different in the private sector, where gender disparity is at 19.9% compared to 13.6% pay gap in the public service. The situation is even worse for women employed as part time workers as they earn 35% less per hour compared to men employed on full-time basis.

Women also experience domestic violence propagated by men because of the gender inequality transcending the nation. According to survey, on average, two women are murdered in cold blood every week in the UK by their violent partners or ex-lovers. Rape is also rampant in the country, with over three million women experiencing rape and other forms of violence against women each year.

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