Sample Essay on Factors Affecting Corn Production

Factors Affecting Corn Production

Corn production is affected by several factors and farmers should familiarize themselves with these in order to find ways of coming up with a great production. Ideally, some of these factors include the following:


This can either be a curse or blessing when it comes to production of corn. It can either decimate all efforts or make life easy and it contributes 70 bushels or over 27 percent of the total crop yield. Farmers cannot control weather whether it is temperature or rainfall. Most farmers are aware of this fact and they employ the best management plans in order to circumvent around this problem.

Nitrogen fertilization

Weather is known to affect nitrogen fertilization as such, the ability to apply nitrogen, ensure its susceptibility to loss or availability if greatly impacted by weather. Whenever nitrogen is used appropriately, it can account for high crop yields just like weather. Apart from nitrogen, it is important to ensure that soil fertility is assured as well as it helps increase the productivity of the crop,

Hybrid selection

It is also important for farmers to ensure they select the right hybrid in order to enjoy high yields production images (5)advances made in biotechnology make it easy for hybrids to yield high crops. This is also one of the most important decisions farmers could ever make as most of them are able to realize the yield potential of commercial hybrids.

There are different kinds of commercial hybrids which when grown in optimized conditions can lead to production of 50-bushel grain yield. Proper hybrid selection will become more important in the near future when biotechnology adds input and stress traits such as improved nitrogen use and tolerance.


The question is always whether one should plow or whether they should not. There are varying degrees to this aspect which are witnessed at different times. Both the timing and degree aspects interact with other factors to determine corn production. There are relative disadvantages or advantages associated with tillage systems and this also interacts with nitrogen availability as well as hybrid.


Chemicals which include compounds and plant growth regulators exert regulator effects that can either lead to yield determination or positive growth changes. There are some fungicides that cause late season leaf greening and some new technologies that are plant less sensitive.

Plant population

It is important for farmers to maximize the space they have available and this can mean planting in rows. For instance by using the two row system it is possible to eliminate the possibility of plant competition and this can also provide enough space for water and nutrient management.

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