Sample Essay on Factors Affecting Food Production

Factors Affecting Food Production

Sustainable food production is extremely important towards keeping the world population well fed and healthy. Yet, there are several factors that affect its production hence availability. Some of these factors are as highlighted below:


This is one of the most important factors that influence food production. Areas that have high rainfall output and high temperatures are generally known to yield more crops compared to regions that don’t have the same. In order to reap maximum output, the climate of any given area should be suitable.

The land

Factors such as slope of land and its physical height also play a role in determining the level of production. Areas that have a flat surface area are likely to be more efficient in food production compared to areas that are steep and this is because there is no runoff and this means the land is fertile. It is also easier for farmers to use farm machinery in areas that are flat compared to steep regions.


This is yet another factor that affects food production. There are several factors that influence fertility such as the water available, amount of air as well as the nutrients. Some of the nutrients found in soil include, iron, zinc and phosphorous which are all important towards plant growth. These are also known to increase the rate of productivity.

While this is the case, the nutrients found in any given region vary from one location to another and this plays a images (7)significant role in determining productivity. Fertile soil ensures the crop production is high and healthy as well while soils that are infertile lead to poor crop production. The type of soil also plays an important role in determining productivity.

For instance, clay soil and wet soil are ideal for rice production and wet rise is often grown in river deltas and floodplains. Clay soil and wet soil are known to guarantee the highest level of productivity.


This refers to conditions of a given place over a considerable duration usually thirty to thirty five years. There are several factors that determine climate such as average temperature and rainfall experienced in any given place. Both of these factors are important in production of food and determining the crop that can be grown in a given area.

From a general standpoint of view, regions that have high rainfall and temperature are more productive. Depending on the climate in a given region, there are crops that can be grown throughout the year as well and farmers can produce two successive crops in one year as long as the climate is ideal.

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