Sample Essay on Factors Affecting Gold Value USA

Gold is the most popular precious metal in the world and a great form of investment. Many investors in the world 6buy gold as a way of expanding risk. Many investors have used gold as money and in some countries; it has been a relative standard for currency equivalents. USA is one of the major produce of gold in the world. Evidently, U.S.A is the third largest producer of gold after China and Australia. There are numerous gold mines Nevada and others in Colorado and Alaska. The America gold market has developed since 1970s and with the only major challenge being gold value.

Gold value in USA has been fluctuating on daily basis. Historically, investment in Gold was seen as an attractive business, not only because of good returns, but also safe shelter in case of financial crises or any other difficulties. Gold is a tough asset of value and lack of knowledge of where the gold prices are ended to have pushed many investors to make unpredictable and costly decisions.

Majority of gold markets there are useful reports, surveys, signals and data to rely on and get a good feel of this kind of investment. With the many practical use of gold, it is wise to look at the factors impacting gold value in USA before indulging in this venture. These factors include;

  1. Inflation- this is the top-most factor that influences the prices of gold. In an inflationary environment where the currency is declining in regards to what other products can be bought, they need another area to get revenue and gold is a great form that can retain its value. If all other economic factors are steady, gold prices will rise when inflation rates are higher. The United States inflation can be easily predicted by the trends of food and fuel prices. Hence, an investor can easily know when to invest in gold and make good profits.
  2. Demand and supply in the market- gold prices at all times will increase of when the demand for gold in the US markets is higher than supply. Demand for gold in USA comes in areas such as jewellery sector, investment and manufacturing and medical industry. Supply comes from gold mines and sales from other existing gold sin the financial system. Supply of gold is impacted by mine production, recycled gold, monetary sales and net producer circumventing.


  1. Risk of international politics and financial systems- Gold value usually rises during periods of international political tension and when the world monetary system in volatile. Assets are sold and gold is bought as an investment due to the fact that assets pices drop during such crisis.
  2. USA currency- Gold prices will increase when the USA currency [dollar] depreciates as gold acts as an escape way against a lower US currency. When the dollar devalues, central banks of most nations that have the dollar reserves start investing in Gold or other valuable assets and this increases gold value.
  3. Other known factors that impact the gold value in the USA are central bank policies, interest rates and increased investment in gold and other precious metals.

Gold investment is nowadays the in-thing for many investors globally. it is more popular than ever. With the aforementioned factors affecting gold value in the USA, it is much easier to evaluate whether to invest on gold or other precious metals.

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