Sample Essay on Factors Affecting Health Care Sector

Factors Affecting Health Care Sector

The health care sector, on a global scope has been bombarded with an increase in the number of patient admissions. With the ever increasing number of patients that need proper health care, criticisms have arisen on the manner the industry is run, quality of health service offered and customer satisfaction. There are several factors that affect the health care and how health care services are offered. Some of these factors are as highlighted below:

Staff shortage

This is often as a result of limited funding which causes a shortage of nurses and doctors. Because of this, the available staff is forced to work for longer hours causing overworking and this leaves a domino effect on the patients as it increases the chances of error, less quality care and less time to ensure the patient receives quality care. Dosages and medicines are not counterchecked anymore resulting to several deaths.


People living in cities are at an advantage of accessing medical care as compared to those living in rural areas. More often than not, doctors will decline to operate in rural areas because of lack of proper resources or financial constraints and this causes a deficit in hospital facilities and specialists in such regions.  Because of this reason, patients have to travel long distances in order to get medical attention.



Majority of the countries across the globe have universal health care programs for citizens. Availability of medical national coverage is what determines accessibility to healthcare. People who don’t have insurance cover are less likely to visit a doctor when they get injured or sick as compared to those individuals with medical coverage.


The income level of people within any society plays an important role on determining whether they are able to access health care services. The poor have little hence they cannot afford healthcare and this is made worse if the pharmaceutical costs are taken into consideration. Consequently, this makes the prospect of seeing a doctor close to nil for those individuals without health insurance or universal health care.

Decrease in funding

Hospital funding has gone down in favor of satisfying shareholders and increasing profits and this has caused dire consequences for all those involved and this includes the general public, patients and staff. The money coming from sources such as the public and private sectors as well as the government is far less and as such, the hospital administrators are forced to come up with creative techniques for managing the hospitals and the unsuspecting public is forced to deal with such measures.

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