Sample Essay on Factors that Affect Food Security

Factors that Affect Food Security

Food security is described as the ability for the entire population to access enough/sufficient food for a healthy and active lifestyle. There are several factors that determine food security apart from demand and supply and some of these are as highlighted below:

Expanding population

When the population is expanding and the surface land areas used for agricultural remains the same, it is inevitable that food security will be threatened. This is because there will be more people consuming the food and less people working on its production.

Literacy level of the farmers

Unlike in the past, there are several technologies that have been developed and which can be used in food production. However, such technologies are of little or no use unless the farmers are literate and understand how such technology can be used in order to boost production. Farmers who are literate are more likely to produce more and this boosts the food security level while the reverse is true.

Agricultural extension and research capacity

High production means that food reserves will be high and guarantees food security. However, if

this is not the case, then food security is also threatened which is precisely why it is important for new research to be introduced to ensure that production receives a boost. Countries that have adopted research and development systems for agriculture are among those that are guaranteed to enjoy a high level of food security.

Transport infrastructure

The easier food is transported to regions where it is needed, the more likely that security will be assured. Therefore, in order to guarantee food security, it is important to ensure the transport system is reliable and secure as this is the only way to guarantee food security.

Other factors that also affect food security include the level of education of the farmers, domestic civil strife and imagesinternational capital movements etc.

Agricultural yields have increased significantly in the last couple of years and the potential of increase is very high as well. There are several factors that are a challenge to access of food and which also threaten food security.

Some of these include international markets which as seen as the last food resort and lack of enough income which makes it impossible for people to purchase enough food. Majority of countries rely on international food markets to boost their food security and this is an important consideration for ensuring that food security is assured. The major export leaders include Canada, Unites States, Argentina and Australia.

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