Sample Essay on Fault Tree Analysis

Fault Tree Analysis

A top tree refers to an assessment that begins from the top to the bottom. It is an evaluation that uses a deductive strategy. This approach is vital because it aids it to describe both events and non events. As a result, this leads to a situation whereby the occasion happens to be part of the top event. Furthermore, the relationship that connects with these occurrences is often based to their logical links.

This implies that a fault tree can be represented in terms of quantity or quality. The application of qualitative aspect incorporates illustration or graphical correlation. This further means that the top incident involves both basic and subordinates events. Wiley and Sons (2010), cites examples of fault tree signs. They include the symbol, the major event sign, the transfer and the intermediate occurrence symbol.

These symbols are also categorized into different sub symbols. The fundamental event symbol is further categorized into conditioning and basic events. Furthermore, the key occurrence formulates the basic sign. Conversely, the conditioning rate is a sign that is useful in performing conditional checks. The intermediate occurrence sign has an important function when it aids in giving names.

In addition, the gate sign is also categorized into OR and AND sub symbols. The function of the AND sign applies when there is need to insert two or excess values. Unfortunately, this sign cannot be useful when placing in a solitary value. The yield that is created for this symbol is often 0 or 1. This sign can only be enough for the situation when values that apply in both cases are true. It requires outputs 1 or 0, the AND or OR signs fulfils the situation when values are false. The transfer IN signs incorporates values while the transfer OUT yield values.


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