Sample Essay on France


France is Western Europe’s largest nation. It benefits extensively from the Atlantic and Mediterranean shorelines. In the Alps mountain range, Monk Blank provides the country’s highest point (4807 meters). The country also has a population of 65.9m (2013 estimates). Its capital city Paris has a population of 10million.

France has contributed enormously in the creation of European Union. Therefore, it embraced the euro as its currency. French people also enjoy high living standards because their homeland is ranked third economically in Europe. The cultural capital of France, Paris is special.

The capital city welcomes tourists from different parts of the globe because it cannot be compared to any other city across the globe. Popularly known as the city of light, Paris has a combination of culture and ambience. The main attraction in the city is the Eiffel Tower, which is 324meters tall.

There are also other monuments in the city including bridges, palaces and churches. France is also famed for its fine wine. It has different exclusive and distinct brands. France wine cannot be found anywhere else. Additionally, its eminent Champagne traces its origin to France. Arts and architecture in France are also very special.

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The other interesting fact is that France has Atheists making half of its population. It was also one of the first countries in 1791 to legalize same sex. What’s more, a chemist is a chemist in the country. Therefore, you cannot purchase anything else apart from medicines from any drug store.

Many stores in the country allow clients to make payments via checks and you can buy anything using a check. French citizens also use only, la carte bleue, a debit card that has a Visa sign. However, do not be shocked if you visit the country and realize that many stores are closed on Sunday. Sunday in the country is a resting day.

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