Sample Essay on Freedom of Speech and Hate Crimes

Freedom of Speech and Hate Crimes

The right of expression is essential in any state. It restrict the consequences that arise when an individual’s rights is infringed through demotion and hate speech. National regulatory identifies this form of freedom to be part of human rights that are inherent. Article 19 reveals that any person has a right to express his ideas in written or oral form.

Supporters of freedom in absolute rights claim that the rights of expression promote democracy in a diverse society. In their argument, proponents reveal that different perception on social and political matters results to conflicts in a community. In addition, critics add that absolute rights lead to discrimination and hatred. As a result, this affects marginalized people in the society. If conflicts strike, this right does not offer support which makes a party involved to be sued.

In media, the privilege of expression is very important. However, the media is not allowed to disseminate details to the public to avoid disrupting the overall welfare of citizens. The freedom of speech has its disadvantages when it happens through legal prohibitions. For instance, they incorporate harsh rules that ensure individuals practice power in the right manner. The principle of harm incorporates factors such as intensity of speech and its social significance.

In most situations, legal punishment is imposed to individuals in relation to the nature of the offence and the effect it had to the complainant. According to proponents, the purpose of this penalty is to handle individuals with strong skills in persuasion to limit their influence on the justice system. This is to ensure that judges rule fairly and sentence criminals due to their wrong acts. Critics also assert that legal punishments are very harsh especially when they don’t abide by harm principles. In general, the freedom of expression is not a complete human right because it entails limitation that affects the entire welfare of the society.


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