Sample Essay on Future of Computer Architecture

Future of Computer Architecture

The digital age is a fast-paced environment with myriads of opportunities, innovations, needs, and objectives. In the computing world, everything is undergoing change on an annual basis, at speeds that are too high even for some of us to keep track. However, one key common feature of all these changes in computing is that we are growing to match the computing abilities of current systems. According to researchers and technology experts, one of the prime changes in computing that will drive future computer architecture is the user interfaces. These have grown from physical parts such as mouse and keyboard to the current onscreen touch interfaces (Satell,  Forbes). However, the future of this computer architecture is no touch interfaces where computers are linked to our brains or sensory organs and acts based on our thoughts or movements.

Application of this technology is already being tested such as in newer smart phones that one only needs to swipe their hand for an action to be performed, or in Google’s headgears that one only needs to think of something for it to appear on a small screen that looks like eyeglasses (Satell,  Forbes). Aside from the user interfaces, another interesting development for the future is the processing power and storage abilities of computers. Processors are becoming smaller from the large processors of the first main frame computers, to the chipset on computers and laptops, to the even smaller processor on smart phones. Storage capacities are also becoming smaller. However, Hp is embarking on changing all these by developing memristors that combine the processor, RAM, and flash storage under one small chipset (Sebastian, Extreme Tech). Predicted to be unveiled in a few years, this technology will have its major application in big data analytics and would replace servers that fill entire rooms. However, as with all big technology, analysts believe that this technology could eventually fall onto the palm of our hands sooner, rather than later

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