Sample Essay on Gender Income Inequality in America

Gender Income Inequality in America

Like any other nation, America has played great roles in eradication of gender inequality in the world.  Income disparity is an issue that has been creating a lot of fuss. No one wants to languish in poverty and nothing hurts than being denied a right to make a fortune by the end of the day. Income inequality has grown considerably since the early 1970s in America. It has been one of the core subjects of study of many scholars and learning institutions. For America, income inequality has been a menace that no tool can easily destroy.

The United States has consistently exhibited higher rates of income inequality that most of the developed countries.  This has been linked to America’s enhanced support of free market capitalism and it varies from one state to another.  For instance, it has been greatest in Texas in 2009 and lowest in Maine. This vast growth in income disparity has been varying between the middle class and top earners. This state of inequality has also widened with wealth distribution amongst the state

There is a complex history on income disparity in America, and many scholars have come out clear on the issue providing facts and exceptional details on the disturbing issue. Essentially, the level of income in US has fluctuated every decade. In early 20th century when it was easy to get income statistics, the economic arc from high inequality to relative inequality and vice-versa was boundless. This was an era when wealth people like Rockefeller and Carnegies ruled the America economy waves.


At the time, the richest 1% of the Americans would make an income of about 18%. The first era of inequality lasted roughly from post-civil war era until around 1937.  Income disparity also dropped further and fell dramatically, but during the Second World War, incomes of the poor and the working class raised, but it was not a rainy year for the top earners in the nation. This made the middle class society of the low level inequality to remain stable for a number of decades. On top of this, wages remained high because of the influence of the western competition in manufacturing companies, due to lack of low skilled workers and strong trade unions.

The return of great divergence or high income inequality began in 1970s. Studies conducted by many researchers showed that income grew more unequal almost consistently during the recession era. Income inequality in America has been influenced by factors such as average age, number of breadwinners, family sizes and other demographic traits. The inequality of a college or university graduate and a 55-year-old at the highest point of his or her career should be a big issue if the graduate is following the same profession path. Many researchers have focused on the mistakes of household income as a measure of standard of living in order to argue that income inequality is growing.

Luckily, it is clear that growing inequality in income cam be explained in part by the increased participation of women in the workforce without any discrimination. Income inequality was also compared depending on the amounts obtained from one state to another.  International comparison also aided in the income disparity research and it came out clear that AMERICA had one of the highest income inequalities as of 2006 among high income countries. Taxation and transfers, education, incentives, race and gender difference were also mentioned by many scholars and researchers as the mainstay causes of inequality in the United States.

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