Sample Essay on Goals of Sentencing

Goals of Sentencing

In the past decades, US have formulated strict laws to punish citizens who go against the law. As a result, approximately 2 million citizens have been culprits of these policies that incorporate harsh sentences. Due to this situation, majority of individuals have been confined in American prisons. Furthermore, there has also been the rise of other strategies that have affected the major objective to enhance growth in the judicial system.

Clearly, the system of criminal justice in America also incorporates various principles that determine the correctional system. This is vital because it aids to defend justice to be useful to parties as required by the law. In addition, these elements entail jail, probation period, parole and prison. It is also evident that these elements also rely on the criminal procedure.

In the criminal process, sentencing is part of the process that concerns decision making of the crime until when they make an arrest. It is vital for individuals to note that sentencing has a responsibility in the judicial system of US. Its aim is to bring reforms, reduce crime, punish and rehabilitate criminals. The most vital role of sentencing is to protect citizens from being harmed by the offenders (Ashworth 78).

Punishment enhances moral equality when it prevents individuals from engaging in crime. Similarly, it inflicts pain on criminals when it subjects them to face severe form of punishment. Conversely, reduction of offenders leads to a crime free society by instilling fear to future perpetrators. The reform and rehabilitation act is vital when it changes a criminal to a better person. However, if the rehabilitation program fails, the criminal may still engage in crime activities in a different location. This implies that as much as the approach aid to protect the public from harm, it may not be effective all the time.


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