Sample Essay on Great Depression and Federalism

Great Depression and Federalism

Drug Overdoses and State Policy

At present, the leading cause of death that is injury related among individuals aged 30 to 55 years and second leading cause of death among younger people in the US is drug overdose. The deaths that arise from drug overdose have increased greatly compared to those that are the result of murder cases and firearms use. The deaths can be prevented but the ‘tough on crime’ language of drug war and stigma that is relate to drug use has blocked the dominant adoption of life saving overdose deterrence guidelines, like the Samaritan 911 legislation and spread of overdose reversal medication naloxone. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is directing efforts towards minimization of drug overdose deaths by endorsing reasonable solutions and the best rule of law at state and federal levels (DPA 2).

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The DPA s in search of policy solutions that will be of use in saving the lives of people using different kinds of drugs. It aims at passing a federal legislation that will aid in the monitoring of overdose trends, support overdose research and allocation of federal funds to cities, states and tribal governments as well as Community Based Group Programs that are relate to drug overdose and lifesaving deterrence (Hess 53). The federal aid is immediately expected to make overdose setback of the drug naloxone available widely. The overdose prevention activity which at state level includes promotion of naloxone and 911 Good Samaritan Legislation which enables individuals present whenever an overdose occurs to call for assistance without fear of criminal punishments for themselves or the individuals experiencing an overdose. Also, the DPA is overseeing a nationwide overdose awareness movement that is known as the Purple Ribbons for Overdose Prevention (DPA2).

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