Sample Essay on Health behavior

Health behavior

Our everyday activities such as the time we retire to bed, the foods we eat and how we exercise our body throughout the day have significant effects on our health. These behaviors can either positively or negatively influence our health care and stipulate our average health. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits requires more than just majoring on habits addressing a particular health problem. If much time is devoted to daily health behaviors, it replenishes our bodies and makes it remain healthy for a longer period of time. This paper analyzes emotional and physical wellness behavior I am working on to improve my health.

I chose this health behavior simply because I believe that most chances of premature death are minimized through mental and physical fitness, thus living a longer life. I feel that being optimistic about life alone does not necessarily boost my lifespan, but delineating increased stress levels can grant me extra years of life and the best recipe for this is acquired through low anxiety and physical fitness. Research indicates that keeping fit and adopting various ways to minimize stress are equated to improved lifestyle with an increased life span. Still on research, even the previous studies demonstrate that an activity an individual engages in is a measurement to their life expectancy.

This is because a person’s body weight is directly proportional to the type of activity they engage in, or if they engage in any physical activity at all. For instance, statistics indicate that a person whose line of duty requires very less energy and does not exercise at all is likely to have an increased body weight. Huge body weight as a factor on its own would not yield the expected result of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, studies document that individuals with decreased distress levels have 34% lower risk of premature death compared to those who have higher levels of distress. In terms of fitness, individuals with increased fitness levels have 46% lower death risk than those with low fitness levels. It is for these reasons that I prefer to keep my body fit through physical activities as well as minding about my diet, to earn for extra years.

Some of the actions I engaged in to attain my physical fitness include participating in 2 hours moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as brisk walking per week, engaging in an hour of vigorous intensity aerobic activity such as jogging and engaging in muscle strengthening activities for two or more days a week that will stretch out my primary muscles surrounding my shoulders, arms, chest, back, abdomen and legs. These physical activities not only help me to keep fit, but are also beneficial in preventing the financial cost that I would have otherwise spend on medical treatment.

One of the successful improvements I noticed while partaking my exercise regime was that I had lost some calories and gained an appetite body. I also felt flexible and could handle most tasks with much ease and my muscles were spared from short term fatigues. It was however challenging when I frequently felt dehydrated and the rate of my respiration was increased in the process of exercising. However, all these challenges also opened new doors for me to change on other health behaviors such as drinking plenty of water whenever I felt dehydrated whereas the increased respiration was an effective way to increase the rate at which my heart pumped blood to all my body parts and preventing heart disease. In the long ran, my challenges turned out to be a better way for me to exercise other health behaviors.

By staying physically active, am able to maintain a healthy body and weight composition, minimize the risk of weight-related medical conditions as well as maintain the health of my joints, muscles and bones for a graceful aging.