Sample Essay on Health care

Health care

In various activities that people engage in, there are things they will do that will involve stress, which is harmful for their health. Be it at home, at the place of work, on the streets, at school, there are various causes of stress that result for the activities that one engages in. the paper will give a report of three interviews that were conducted with a friend in college, a full time worker and an elderly citizen. The friend in college revealed that some of the stressors and stress causing activities in her life include pressures associated with school. There are classes to be attended and when one misses, there are penalties to that. In most cases, the interviewee misses classes only when she falls sick, and this stresses her because she remains behind in class work and this could lead to poor performance. There are many activities to involve in such as sports and club activities in school and need some balance with the classwork, which has deadlines to be met to avoid withdrawal from the school.

Some of the consequences that the interviewee associated with his life include having fear of failure after an exam due to a class that was missed. The friend also reviewed that when she becomes stressed, she avoids her friends because she tends to be angry and agitated with almost every one. The distance kept ensures that she is able to calm down and approach the cause of her stress in a way that will involve her only, thus maintaining her friendship with others. She becomes less active and finds solace in sleeping, which makes her get worse until she is able to access, some assistance from a psychologist. The interviewee can reduce her stress by avoiding the introvert behavior of avoiding others when she is in such a condition. This is because sharing problems has been associated with ease of getting solutions to those problems. She could also undertake some exercises, to relieve the depression form her mind form the relaxation she will have after exercising.

Some of the stress causing activities as well as the stressors the interviewee revealed, who was a person working on full time, include heavy workload in the organization he work in. there are few workers in the meantime and thus every one if forced to work for some extra hours to clear the workload. To add more weight on his stress, he has a high-level responsibility in the organization as he is the HRM manager and thus, he has to be a role model in showing his colleagues on how to use the available resources for the few days they will be under the pressure. Some of the coworkers are not supportive and this makes him stressed. The consequences that he attributes to the stress he receives at the place of work are that he has lost weight due to deep thinking, which has even made him lose his appetite for food.

He also revealed that he has lost touch with his family due to the many hours that he spends in the office, and whenever he gets home, he gets straight to bed to have some relaxation, which only makes thoughts clog in his head, thus severe headaches. The interviewee could manage the stress by seeking some medical help from a professional, to relieve the headaches. He could also create some few minutes after getting from work and engage in some physical activities with the family members and this will give him some solace. Engaging the employees in the organizational new changes implementation would solve the problem of some not cooperating. This is because he will be able to get some of the grievances they have in the organization, while working under pressure. This will bring together ideas to provide a solution instead of him thinking of the problem solely.

An elderly woman during another interview disclosed that some of the stress causing activities in her life include changes in the eating habits as well as memory loss. The woman stated that the traditional foods that were healthy and nutritious in the past are no more. She fears that she will contract some diseases associated with old age early because of consumption of western foods. She became stressed and this had led to her losing her appetite for the foods because of the bad thoughts. She is also stressed by her loss of memory. She forgets names of places and whenever she is travelling and want to alight at a specific place, she will not be able to direct the driver well. She is therefore, forced to sit strategically near the driver to show him the place of alighting. The stress makes her isolate herself from others and especially when there are parties, as she will fear taking the food.

She could manage her stress by seeking regular medical help from professionals, where she will undertake several body checkups to ensure that she maintains her health. She could also engage in regular activities such as walking for long for long distances. This is proved to keep one healthy and thus she will relieve her mind of the thought that she will contract old age diseases. When it comes to memory loss, she would have an assistance, who would help her go to places where she needs to go and take her back home. Sharing their moments with her children and other people would keep her smiling, as it would make her feel appreciated and loved thus alleviating stress form her.