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Health is a basic need for every person on earth. According to the International Standard Industrial Classification, healthcare is categorized among health activities, medical and dental activities. Thus, it is important that we know the processes and people who ensure the maintenance of health for humans and also find out whether they have done a good job with regards to healthcare.

Background of the Study

healthcareAccording to the United States government, healthcare for every person is their first priority and should be accessible to all. WHO points out that seventeen percent of US GDP is spent on healthcare and it is expected that this figure will go up in the coming years. Therefore, health is a great concern and going by the above statistics, it should be taken with a lot of seriousness. Healthcare has been classified into either primary or secondary healthcare. Primary healthcare entails the main requirements in the health sector. Based on data released by the National Health Interview in 2011, more than half of the US population has not been able to acquire basic healthcare. According to Lapierre (2012), the healthcare system in America provides healthcare unevenly. She goes ahead to say
that such patched plans in healthcare leaves many residents uninsured (Lapierre, 2012). Besides, the data also revealed that healthcare facilities are largely owned by the private sector. Health facilities are of importance to humans and with such a great number failing to access healthcare, a lot of questions are raised. The private sector is greatly involved in the healthcare industry and this study will provide a comprehensive explanation on whether healthcare is a business or a basic commodity that should be offered without any restrictions. Lapierre (2012) has also questioned the satisfaction of the general public with regards to the quality of medical care. Despite her comparison of Canada to the United States, she still holds the opinion that a lot of work needs to be done.


Aims of Research

The main aim of the research is to explore the main reasons why healthcare is not accessible to all the US residents and why there is an increase in the cost of medical care. The study will also find out whether the private sector has positively or negatively contributed to accessibility of healthcare. Besides, the research will also explain the satisfaction of patients with regards to the quality of healthcare.

Objective of the Study

The objectives of the research are:

  • To examine the factors that have contributed to the low healthcare cover in the country
  • Identification of the actions that are required for securing the government support in ensuring the health is set out as the priority of every person.
  • To establish the relationship between quality service and wide scope of healthcare cover.

 Research Questions

  • What accounts for low healthcare accessibility and coverage
  • Has the government done enough work in the creation of awareness and provision of medical facilities12
  • Is there any relationship between the number of health facilities in rural areas and towns?


There is no relationship that exists between the numbers of health facilities in rural areas compared to the urban areas.

Data Collection

Data collection is segmented into two categories; primary and secondary data. Primary data collection will be done through interviews and observations. It will entail interviewing people who have direct links to the health care industry to give information. Secondary data will also be of importance since it consists of periodicals, case studies and online information that can be very useful in the study. By using both methods, the researcher will get the opportunity of making comparisons on the information collected for comprehensive conclusions.

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